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Headshot of Elena K. Abbott against a back drop of colorful bookshelves
Historian. Author. Storyteller.

ELENA K. ABBOTT, PhD, is the author of Beacons of Liberty: International Free Soil and the Fight for Racial Justice in Antebellum America. An historian of slavery, emancipation, and the American anti-slavery movement, she is also the author of fiction for middle grade dreamers and young adult adventurers. Read more >>

An image from Uncle Tom's Cabin featured in Beacons of Liberty by Elena K. Abbott

Beacons of Liberty

International Free Soil and the Fight
for Racial Justice in Antebellum America

A history of the American anti-slavery movement told through stories of harrowing escape, political grandstanding, and mass migration. 


Beacons of Liberty shows how debates over citizenship, equality, and national character in the 19th-century U.S. unfolded on an international stage.

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Picture of Elena K. Abbott against a blue wall

ELENA K. ABBOTT believes in the power of great storytelling for all ages.

It all started, as things do, when Elena was a kid. When she wasn’t reading everything she could get her hands on, she was writing. She scribbled away on any piece of paper she could find, creating fantastical worlds and writing terrible poetry.

At some point she switched gears, splitting her time between writing epic fantasy and hardboiled(-ish) mysteries. And then she discovered history. Historical stories, in all their forms, became a passion that carried her through a doctorate in history from Georgetown University. 

Elena is based in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes history books for all ages and fantasy for young adults. She is also the founder of INK BLOTTER, where she helps passionate authors and entrepreneurs share their vision.

When she's not in her office, Elena can usually be found adventuring in the outdoors or snuggling up to her two feline fur-babies.


You can connect with Elena on instagram and twitter or keep up to date through her semi-regular newsletter.

Agent: Anne Depue.

For any media inquiries or if you’re interested in booking an event — speaking engagements, school visits, library events, bookstore signings, writing workshops, etc. — you can reach out here.

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